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About Burger Singh

Good craft burgers are too few and 'way far' between, leaving a burger enthusiast hapless and dejected; having to settle for convenient alternatives that hovered over the itch but never quite scratched it.
WHAT IS A CRAFT BURGER? Look up craft beer online and then translate that to Burgers. THE IDEA: Three Urban Indian men saw the launch of Chandrayaan, then the Mangalyaan and were completely inspired by the cost-effective prowess of the Indian Space Program. We Indians do love us a good bargain! This lot of burger enthusiasts decided to make a cost effective, BIG bur ger with Indian spices & flavours (radical stuff, we know!); and ask people what they thought of our creation. We wanted to have fun with this... We began testing these burgers on ourselves, our friends and lucky, random strangers over a year ago. Along the way we lost a few friends (don't be alarmed, they're alive), gained a few inches around the belly and worked extremely hard to finally get to this place.
The address of this outlet is No 385, 1st Floor, Khasra No 619/19, Chhattarpur, New Delhi, Delhi - 110074.




Ramjee yadav

Posted on:08-10-2019


Great place for order

rahul thakur

Posted on:13-09-2019


It's near to my home . If I wanna have burger I always order from here ...

Business Hours

  • 11AM-3AM

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  • Free parking on site

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